Institutionalizing Wellness Linkage Database in the DILG-10 Regional Office: An Approach to Public Sector Innovation on Sustaining Health and Wellness Program


Agnes Enya Lorraine U. Edio
Dr. Francis Thaise A. Cimene


This comprehensive study delves into the intricacies of the Health and Wellness Program's implementation within DILG-10, with a particular focus on service delivery, educational initiatives, and the accessibility of healthcare services for employees. Through a detailed survey involving 51 participants, the data uncovered not only revealed positive engagement but also highlighted the program's effectiveness in bolstering employee well-being. However, the study also identifies crucial gaps that present opportunities for program refinement and expansion, such as introducing on-site gardening and broadening the scope of health-related services. The study's innovative methodology, exemplified by the refined DILG Linkage Plan, underscores a firm commitment to sustainability and strategic alignment with the organization's overarching objectives. This forward-thinking approach not only sheds light on the current state of health and wellness endeavors within DILG Region 10 but also charts a clear path for ongoing improvement, innovation, and alignment with organizational goals. By harnessing the insights garnered and implementing the proposed recommendations, DILG Region 10 is well-positioned to cultivate a culture of wellness, resilience, and peak performance among its workforce, thereby making substantial contributions to organizational success and fostering high levels of employee satisfaction.