A Public Sector Innovation in Strengthening Local Community Food Security in the Selected Municipalities of Lanao del Sur


Jamil B. Asum
Dr. Francis Thaise A. Cimene


This study presents an in-depth analysis of food security challenges in selected municipalities of Lanao del Sur, focusing on household food insecurity prevalence and proposing public sector innovations to address these issues. Conducted through a data survey spanning Lumbatan, Lumbanayague, and Sultan Dumalondong over two months, the research collected 268 responses. Findings reveal nuances in food availability and preferences, highlighting gaps in food variety and accessibility despite overall sufficiency. Contributing factors include low income, poverty, limited nutritious food, high commodity prices, and insufficient agency support, leading to perceptions of inadequate food access, availability, and affordability. Proposed interventions encompass community-based food production, price stabilization, targeted subsidies, and nutrition education campaigns, emphasizing collaborative stakeholder efforts for sustainable improvements in Lanao del Sur's food security and dietary diversity.