Experimental Analysis of Diffuse Ceiling Ventilation


Jitendra Raghuwanshi
V. N. Bartaria


HVAC engineers have never stopped developing air distribution systems that are able to provide the occupants with high air quality and optimal thermal comfort, One of the critical problems regarding the thermal comfort is draught risk, especially when ventilation system is operated at a high flow rate. A new air distribution system using the entire ceiling as the air inlet is used in the livestock house. However in term of indoor space occupied by human being, the research is limited. This work endeavours to describe and testifY the performance of a diffuse ceiling ventilation system in a typical office room. The overall objective is to investigate the possibility of using the diffuse ceiling as an air distribution system in an office building. A full scale measurement is conducted in a climate chamber to analyze the performance of diffuse ceiling ventilation system used in an office room. Air temperature, air velocity, surface temperature, pressure loss and ventilation effectiveness are measured under different test conditions.