Numerical Analysis of a Surface Condenser Design


Prachi Bhatnagar
V. N. Bartaria


Power plant condenser (a huge complex shell-and-tube heat exchanger) is one of the most important auxiliary equipments in a power plant. The thermal efficiency of a power plant can be increased by enhancing the heat transfer rate of a condenser, this can be achieved by reducing the turbine exhaust pressure. Considering this, the designing of surface condenser is an important aspect towards making thermal power plant efficient. In our present work, the author has considered a conventional design procedure and empirical correlations of surface condenser for the analysis of critical parameters like pressure drop, dirt factor, overall heat transfer coefficient, velocity of circulating water, rate of condensation, outlet temperature of water, number of tubes, tube pitch, outer diameter of tube, weightflow of steam and water, etc. These parameters directly affect the performance of a condenser or the unit where this condenser is employed. The results are calculated by the programme made in computer codes and are represented graphically.