A Review of Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Design Parameter


Sathish Malviya
V. N. Bartaria


This article experimentally and numerically investigates the thermal performance of a Crimped finned tube completely enclosed in a duct, which is cooled through an air cooled heat exchanger. The air in the heat exchanger includes external flow paths. The external air driven by the rotation of the centrifugal fan goes through the heat exchanger mounted on the top of the frame. The internal air absorbs heat released from the hot water inside the tube and then transfers the heat to the heat exchanger through the motion of centrifugal fan. Several test rigs have been set up to measure the performance of the fan and the finned tube. The Fluent software package is adopted to analyze the complicated thermal-fluid interactions among the centrifugal fan, centrifagal fans, heat exchanger, U-tube manometer. The measured data, including the fan performance Curves and the temperature profiles of the heat exchanger, show good agreement with the simulated results. A detailed discussion is also included to improve the finned tube cooling Performance. Wide range of finned tube heat exchangers is constructed with the help of specialized.
European technology, they have large heat transfer area, which further improves their efficiency. We use seamless or crimped tubes in copper aluminum, mild steel brass, aluminum brass, copper and nickel that meet the tema standards, for the construction of these heat exchangers. The tube ends can be welded or brazed. Quality checks like pneumatic, x-ray hydraulic, penetration testing are carried out in order to confirm to international quality standards. Firmed tube heat exchangers are also available in customized specifications as per the clients' requirements.