Experimental Investigation on Effect of Supply Air Diffuser Placement in Indoor Thermal Environment


Sachin Nikam
V. N. Bartaria


In the air conditioning systems the variations in temperature is most important part for load calculations, India is a tropical country where variations in environmental temperature is between 0°c to 45°c. In corporate sector the load calculations for air conditioner inside glass chamber & variation in temperature at different duct altitude of chamber is very essential. It is also very much required to calculate the heat effect of occupants and accessories for proper load calculations. In this dissertation work, I have been investigated the effect of on the thermal comfort conditioning inside the glass chamber assuming moderated office work condition. The variation in temperatures with respect to horizontal distance & vertical distance at particular test point location inside the glass chamber at particular heights of duct has been investigated for properly sealed glass chamber.
The experiment has been investigated inside 2.66m í— 304m í— 2.72m glass chamber using thermocol insulated roof & according to that temperature have been calculated the essential load for conditioner neglecting humidity effects inside the glass chamber at varying altitude of air conditioning duct.