Experimental Investigation on Finned Tube Used in Air Cooled Heat Exchanger under Variable Surrounding Air Condition


Satish Malviya
V. N. Bartaria


Heat exchanger is a device which transfer the energy from hot fluid to the cold fluid with high rate and reasonable cost. The present study was Performed on the Finned tube Heat exchanger. The finned tube having dimension of of (40 cm) overall length, which contains (32 cm) copper tube of (16 mm) outer diameter & inner diameter(13.5) with fin pitch (10 fin/in), fin outer diameter(34.5mm) and fins thickness (0.1 mm) and the tubes material ad braas. Fin type crimp root soldered. The objective of the present study was to evaluate the performance of the finned tube at ambient condition and the condition like in hot summer. Through this study found the performance of finned tube increases with increase the mass flow rate of air. The different plots obtained from the data collected at different conditions of mass flow rate of water and air at both ambient condition and hot condition.