Nutritional Destiny and Lifestyles Influence Telomeric Biomolecules


Bhart Bhushan
Dr. Luv Kush


The telomere and telomerase are anti-aging biomolecules. Telomerase is an immortal enzyme. It maintains telomere length and promotes longevity. Telomerase holds future for anti-aging medicines. The anti-aging therapy has dramatic impact on public health by reducing the burden of age-related health difficulties- dementia, stroke, cancer and prolonging the quality of life. TA-65 (10-15 mg daily) is first formulation 1-2, derived from Chinese herb. Astragalus, for the activation of telomerase and maintenance of telomere healthiness. The nutritional destiny offers biochemical preventions against multiple pathologies related to telomere shortening. The life style free from the oxidative stress, anxiety, alcoholism, and spurious addictions prevent chromosomal abbreviations.