About Us

'The IJST' is a part of 'International Journal Corner' which is a single platform that considers all possible academic fields under its broad umbrella. By providing a user-friendly one-stop for all categories of learning, the IJC aims at spreading education and wisdom. Another goal for the IJC is to bring the educated world together and make them digitally successful. 

'International Journal Corner' is a division of 'Globeedu Group'. This is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization based in India. 


‘The IJST’ aims at the creation, dissemination and re-invention of knowledge, emphasised by the quintessence of extraordinary and innovative research works. Our multi-dimensional mission is to promote awareness of and compatibility with the dynamics of study area among scholars, academicians, professors, and proponents.


The vision of ‘The IJST’ is to reflect the ever-changing faces as well as the cerebral aspect of science and its applications. It not only encompasses all the ideas of primary field of science and technology, but also equally concentrates on every miniscule detailing of the newest modification and innovation in different domains of science and technology. Within its Panoramic research spectacle, ‘The IJST’ boasts a strong note of consistency and specialised expertise towards the subjects concerned.