A Novel Approach on Satellite Image Resolution Enhancement Using Object Tagging OLHE


S. Ayyappan
S. Veluchamy
D. Jeyamani


Illumination compensation and normalization play a crucial role in satellite image enhancement.  The existing algorithms either compensated low-frequency illumination, or captured high frequency edges. Satellite image  is affected by impulse noise during transmission. This impulse noise distorts the edge pixels in the satellite image, which degrades the segmentation process. Hence, this impulse noise should be removed before enhancing satellite images. Optimum Edge preserving impulse noise removing algorithm is proposed in this paper to remove the impulse noise present in the satellite image. OLHE technique which is similar to local histogram equalization is proposed to capture the orientation of edges in the image that enhances the resolution.  However, the orientations of edges were not well exploited. In this paper, we propose the orientated local histogram equalization (OLHE) in brief, which compensates illumination while encoding rich information on the edge orientations.  We claim that edge orientation is useful for satellite image enhancement. We evaluate the average performance of the proposed algorithm when the images lighted differently were observed, and the proposed algorithm yielded the promising results. Performance analysis is made by calculating PSNR and MSE value which reveals superiority of the proposed technique over the conventional and state-of-the-art RE techniques.


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Ayyappan, S., Veluchamy, S., & Jeyamani, D. (2014). A Novel Approach on Satellite Image Resolution Enhancement Using Object Tagging OLHE. The International Journal of Science & Technoledge, 2(1). Retrieved from https://www.internationaljournalcorner.com/index.php/theijst/article/view/128021