Low Vision: Attitude towards the Use of Prescribed Glasses


Sumayya Kabir Dandago


This is a paper written on low vision and the attitude of people towards those using prescribed glasses. The main objective of the paper is to address the issue of stigma associated with the use of prescribed glasses in relation to people with low vision, including the effects the stigma has on personal, behavioral as well as psychological aspects of individuals affected. The paper is a product of desk research work, where relevant authoritative positions on low vision and the use of prescribed medical glasses were expressed for analysis and interpretation. The paper is about an extrapolation on the attitudes of people towards the users of prescribed medical glasses for improvement on the vision power of those persons that have low vision or suffering from the danger of losing their sights. It is concluded from the extrapolation that acceptance of glasses for the correction of vision among people is not encouraging, particularly when children are concerned. This is due to the lingering misconception in the minds of individuals regarding use of glasses and its users. Initiation of support groups, mass media and provision of information about vision problems in school health curriculum would go a long way in dispelling the misconceptions and distorted beliefs about use of glasses.