An Assessment on the Effect of In-Service Training on Employees Performance: A Case of Secretaries in Baringo County, Kenya


Phoeth Nduku Kyule


The purpose of the study was to establish effects of in-service training on performance of secretaries in Baringo County Government. The specific objectives of the study were to; establish the in-service approaches employed on secretaries, to determine the effect of Government training policies on performance of secretaries, to evaluate the effect of employees training needs assessment on performance of secretaries, and to investigate effect of in-service training contents on performance of secretaries. The study was guided by Uncertainty Reduction Theory (URT). Descriptive survey design was adopted; the study area was Baringo County Government headquarters. The target population was secretaries at the County headquarters. All the 143 secretaries at the County headquarters participated in the study. Cronbach's Alpha Coefficient was determined to establish the reliability of the instrument.  Questionnaires were used to collect data from the secretaries. The results indicated that secretaries in Baringo County government have undergone in-service training. Various approaches were used in administering in-service training to secretaries; conferences, workshops, and seminars, orientations, lecture method, and apprenticeship. The secretaries in Baringo County government are aware of the government policy on employees training. The criteria for employees' selection for in-service training were found to be transparent and fair. The study established that the policy stipulates budgetary allocation for employees in in-service training and that the policy recognizes in-service training in consideration for promotion. The study established that human resource department undertakes training needs assessment before organizing in-service training. The study further established that employees lack the capacity to perform their duties efficiently without in-service training. The new changes in the governance structure of the County government necessitate in-service training of the employees. The study indicated that in-service training has enabled secretaries improve their job skills, has enhanced their capacity to take new responsibilities, and improved problem-solving skills of the secretaries.  In-service training has also enhanced personal career development of the secretaries and has reduced job related stress. It was also established that in-service training has contributed to cooperation among employees, has made clear the responsibilities of the employees hence reducing conflicts in work place, and enhanced professional rules adherence, and improved work relations among the employees. The study recommends: an evaluation to ascertain the approach that has more impact on the employees' performance, implementation to the letter and spirit of the training policies, and deploying modern technologies such as HRIS in order to enhance timely information on training needs.