An Assessment of the Role of Working Environment on Performance of Nurses in Devolved Health Services in Baringo County, Kenya


Evans Cherogony
Moses Mamati Wapangana


This study sought to assess the role of working environment on performance of nurses in devolved health services in Baringo County, Kenya. The study was motivated by the fact that majority of devolved units have faced a number of challenges in the health sector especially the nurses' strikes. To achieve this objective, the study adopted descriptive survey design. The population of study comprised of all the nurses working in different health facilities in Baringo County. The health facilities were stratified on the basis of their size; level 1-community health unit, Level 2 - dispensaries, level 3- health centres, level 4- sub-county referral hospital and level5 – county referral hospital. Owing to the large number of nurses in the region, a sample equivalent to 30% was selected. A Pilot study was conducted in two hospitals in Elgeyo/ Marakwet County. Structured questionnaires were used to collect data from these nurses. The data collected were coded and entered into SPSS worksheet to facilitate analysis. Descriptively, data was presented using tables and figures. The regression model applied revealed a significant relationship between the independent variables and performance of nurses. The regression coefficients indicated that recognition, Career development, Management practices and Workload significantly affect performance of nurses. The results also show that lack of recognition will lead to poor performance of nurses under devolved health service. Further, it was evident that the nurses are not rewarded when they do well, but other health workers recognize the important role that nurses play in the hospital. The study findings therefore, imply that the hospital management in devolved health service in Baringo County should; devise reward procedure for employees who have performed well in their duties in order to motivate them to continue performing well. The management should also come up with a policy document spelling out promotion criteria and procedures for filling internal vacancies that ensure fairness for all employees. Further, hospital management should undertake team building programs regularly among their staff in order to enhance good working relationship among all the employees, put in place measures to reduce nurses' workload by improving the working environment of the existing workforce to reduce seeking other better opportunities and recruiting more nurses regularly to reduce the deficit.