Federated System - A Technique for Efficient Data Mining


Sweta Vinay Kamat


Distributed computing plays an important role in the Data Mining process for several reasons. First, Data Mining often requires huge amount of resources in storage space and computation time. To make systems scalable, it is important to develop mechanisms that distribute the work load among several sites in a flexible way. Second, data is often inherently distributed into several databases, making a centralized processing of this data very inefficient and prone to security risks. Federated System for Data Mining explores techniques of how to apply Data mining in a non-centralized way. A federated System may be composed of a heterogeneous collection of databases, in which case it lets applications look at data in a more unified way without having to duplicate it across databases or make multiple queries and manually combine the results. A Federated System will help to overcome differences by allowing the user, who will be provided a common user interface made available at the client terminal to access or modify the data in any of the databases available in the network