Image Representation using RGB Color Space


Bernard Alala
Waweru Mwangi
George Okeyo


There is an ever-increasing demand for attaining full color digital images. Color is an inevitable property in recognizing certain objects in an image. The growth in color imaging technology has led to the emergence of different color management techniques. These techniques require color models so that images produced in one medium and viewed in a certain background may be reproduced in a second medium and viewed under a different condition. This paper presents a method for determining color pixel intensity in an image using RGB color model. The model helps us understand the distribution of colors within an image. This is important in image processing techniques where color representation is the major problem that has remained unresolved for decades. The algorithm first extracts color pixels from a bitmap image; the luminance value is then computed to get the brightness of the image. The third step splits RGB color into color plane, if the color plane is equal to or greater than three, color image is extracted else a grayscale tone is extracted. The algorithm proposed in this paper is suitable for all kinds of image enhancement techniques.