An Update on South-Sudan Crisis and how it Affects Her Foreign Policy


Adetunji Olumuyiwa Adebayo
Ibrahim Mohammed Nasiru


The study examined the south Sudan crisis, Africa's most recent independent state. The study identified a number of factors including ethnic divisions and rivalry, the power play between the President and his erstwhile deputy among many others as contributing to the crisis which has accounted for the deaths of thousands of South Sudanese and the displacement of many more. The growing number of south Sudanese refugees within neighboring states has thus become a course for concern. The study holds the view that the South Sudanese refugees' crisis if not managed well is capable of having spiral effects on fragile peace being enjoyed by a few African countries. To this end, the paper makes appropriate remarks and recommendation as to how the crisis can be solved despite the defiance of two ceasefire agreements. The expost facto research design was adopted for the study.