Optimization of Blanking Parameters for AISI 1018, A 653, AISI 304 Using Genetic Algorithm


Rahul B. Lahoti
Nitin G. Phafat


The blanking process and structure of the blanked surfaces are mainly affected by the sheet thickness, material properties, clearance and punch stroke. In this study, we introduce blanking parameters on shear zone and burr height. The objective of the work is maximizing shear zone length and minimizes burr height of the blanked part. Blanking process is subjected to a variety of process parameters. In every production process quality of the part mainly depends on process parameters so parameter selection is very critical part of the process. To achieving better results proper selection of parameters is necessary. Various material coefficients and process factors affect the quality of the blanked part. The main objective of the process design in metal blanking are choose the leading process parameters in an optimal way to ensure high quality parts. Design of experiments is a tool for increasing quality of the process by eliminating causes of variation without eliminating causes. Experimentation is carried out with the help of DOE by full factorial method. The aim of the study is to examine effect of the sheet thickness and punch stroke on different materials. GA optimization technique used to optimize process parameters.