Study on Structural Variations of Palmaris Longus Muscle


Dr. Ramesh P.
Dr. Janani Y.
Dr. Khizer Hussain Afroze M.
Dr. John P. Judson
Dr. Balaji T. K.
Dr. Suba Ananthi


Aim: To find out the frequency of structural variations of Palmaris longus muscle in cadavers.

Materials and Methods: The structural variations of Palmaris longus muscle were studied in 60 dissected formalin fixed upper limb specimens of Anatomy department of Chettinad Hospital and Research Institute, Chennai.

Result: out of 60 upper limb specimens 2 specimens showed reverse Palmaris longus muscle and 1 specimen showed whole length as a muscular part of Palmaris longus muscle.

Conclusion: these types of rare variations lead to compression of distal part of median nerve so surgeons and clinicians should be aware of these types of variations before going to management of median nerve compression syndrome.


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