A Review On Design Of Portable Ecg System


N. K. Vidyashree
B. S. Sathyanarayana
Dr. S. C. Prasanna Kumar
B. G. Sudarshan


The electrical activity of the heart is represented by the ECG signal. A wide range of heart conditions can be detected by ECG interpretation. Hence it  is increasingly being used in medical sciences and technology as a valuable diagnostic tool. The commonly used ECG-machine used for diagnosis and supervision at the present is expensive and stationary. The design of a portable , affordable, user friendly ECG monitor system that can be manageable by common man is a great research area. This paper presents review on the considerations for design of portable ECG machine, which mainly deals with the circuitry of ECG machine, such as electrodes, analog front end unit, processing and display units. By choosing the appropriate components a portable ECG machine can be constructed.