A Review on Different Algorithms Adopted for Image Enhancement with Retinexbased Filtering Methods


J. K. Priyanka
B. G. Sudarshan
S. C. Prasanna Kumar


Retinex is a method used for image processing. A computation for color images that approaches to scene observation must combine dynamic range compression, color consistency and color and lightness tonal rendition. A previously designed Single-Scale Retinex (SSR) to a Multi-Scale Retinex (MSR) version that achieves simultaneous dynamic range compression, color consistency, lightness rendition. But this fails to produce good color rendition. To address this problem, the Multi Scale Retinex with Color Restoration (MSRCR) was proposed. The different methods proposed by retinex algorithm includes the multiscale retinex with color restoration, Light Compensation Algorithm in Color Facial Image, Laminance Based MSR algorithm, Adaptive Color Restoration and Luminance MSR, MSR modification to preserve color fidelity while enhancing contrast, Algorithm for MSR method based on modified color restoration, Color Image enhancement algorithm based on human visual system based on adaptive filter, Fusion based approach on MSRCR, Color Image contrast enhancement algorithm by retinex model, Automated multi scale retinex with color restoration, Enhancement of mammographic feature by multiscale analysis, Nonlinear method to enhance images using improved SSR algorithm, Multi-dimensional multi-scale imageprocessing algorithm, nonlinear multi-scale enhancement algorithm for chest radiography, Ultrasound Liver Image Enhancement Algorithm Based on MSR, Algorithm based on the SSR to enhance the tiny anatomical structures and other regions of interest on the Low-dose CT images. On comparison of original image, SSR image, MSR image, MSRCR image and other image enhancement methods. Finally it is concluded that output of MSRCR is better than other techniques.