Intrusion Detection In Mobile Adhoc Network


Vishakha Kale
Tushar Maske
Himanshu Shekhar
Saurabh Ramteke
Ravindra Warathi
Vikas Kamble


A Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs) is a collection of mobile nodes that can communicate with each other using  wireless links without utilizing any fixed based station infrastructure centralized management..Security a major challenge for these networks. Nodes cooperate by forwarding packets on behalf of each other when destinations are out of their direct wireless transmission range.  However, there may be misbehaving nodes that can rather easily disrupt the network operation and damage the communication within the network area. This problem of node misbehavior can be detected and controlled by different techniques such as Multiple Route Set (MRS) discussed in this paper which is more efficient than other general  techniques .