Performance Analysis Of ODV,OLSR,DSR And GRP Routing Protocols Of Adhoc Networks


Suchita Baxla
Rajesh Nema


A mobile ad hoc network(manet) consists of mobile wireless  nodes. The communnication bet ween these mobile nodes is carried out without any  centralized control.The ease of  deployment and the infrastructure less nature of mobile ah hoc networks(manet) make them highly  desirable for the preset day multi media communications.Tr additional routing protocols may not suffice for real time communications it depends upon the condition and our requirements.Though there has been considerable research in this area.In this paper we are analyzing the performance of routing protocol via increasing number of nodes. . Here we are observing performance of routing protocol  by making a comparison between dcf (Distributed Coordination Function) and edcf (Enhanced Distributed Coordination Function) on the basis of following parameters :-delay,throughput, traffic sent and traffic received  .Network simulation tool used in simulation is opnet modeler(ver.14)