Tackling the Menace of Speed Violation among Motorcyclists in Nigeria: A Policy Brief


Funom Theophilus Makama
Nengi Sophia Boyle
Ellisa Umukoro
Attahiru Dan-Ali Mustapha
Ava Bawa


Motorcycle accidents in Nigeria are of particular concern because they rank among the top two vehicle causes of road traffic accidents in the country. Also, the motorcycle plies every road type in the country, and over-speeding tops its causes of accidents, a cause that also ranks top in the human causes of all accidents in all vehicle types. The partial or complete ban on the use of motorcycles has proven to be ineffective in various regions of the country due to its role in sustaining the livelihood of many Nigerians. However, on a policy level, motorcycle accidents have been neglected in Nigeria despite changing policies and intervention programmes since the pre-1939 era of Road Traffic Management. Currently, it is paramount to investigate Motorcycle accidents, emphasizing over-speeding as an emergency. Therefore, the aim of this review is to investigate any existing policy that tackles motorcycle accidents, whether at the national or regional level and develop it to make recommendations for an independent policy that should urgently regulate the motorcycle means of transportation and subsequently tackle motorcycle accidents in Nigeria.


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Funom Theophilus Makama, Nengi Sophia Boyle, Ellisa Umukoro, Attahiru Dan-Ali Mustapha, & Ava Bawa. (2024). Tackling the Menace of Speed Violation among Motorcyclists in Nigeria: A Policy Brief. The International Journal of Humanities & Social Studies, 12(2). https://doi.org/10.24940/theijhss/2024/v12/i2/HS2402-006 (Original work published February 29, 2024)