Transformational Leadership in Education: Review of Literature


Dr. Shaikhah J. Alainati
Dr. Nouf S. Almonawer
Dr. Faisal A. Al-Hammad


Research on transformational leadership (TL) and human resource management (HRM) typically include looking at how leaders can create a more engaged, productive workforce, and how to manage employee relationships more effectively. This paper establishes the importance of leadership in education. Human Resource Management and its related fields of education and performance are crucial organizational support functions for such development. Organizations that promote superiority in learning and performance have been characterized as having robust HRM cultures. Transformational leadership (TL) is a style of leadership where school administrators and leaders encourage, connect, and inspire instructors and students to bring innovation and transformation to an institute for the sake of development and future success. Leaders in this setting empower and coach stakeholders to exercise authority and make decisions in their allocated roles. Literature-based research is essential because it establishes an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the field of study. Therefore, this research aims to provide a review of the literature that focuses on leadership in education and ways to transform the educational systems so that policymakers, educators, scholars, and academics with important perspectives and insights into factors associated with transformational leadership. Three things support this assertion: the foundation of transformational leadership, prior studies supported by evidence, and issues of the leaders' actual work in the field of education.


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Dr. Shaikhah J. Alainati, Dr. Nouf S. Almonawer, & Dr. Faisal A. Al-Hammad. (2023). Transformational Leadership in Education: Review of Literature. The International Journal of Business & Management, 11(2). (Original work published February 28, 2023)