Influence of Flexible Work Arrangement on Employee Job Performance of National Government Administrative Officers in Kenya


Charles Wanyonyi Wesamba
Laura Catherine Mamuli
Stephen Eshiteti


The Public Service through the NGAO is very vital in delivering to citizens its services. The sector has a huge impact when it comes to the maintenance of order. However, among its many challenges, it is the decline in the employee job performance of many administrators over time. The main objective of the study was to look into WLB practices and employee job performance of NGAO in Bungoma County. The specific objective of the study was to assess how flexible work arrangement influences employee job performance of NGAO in Bungoma County. The study adopted a descriptive research design. The target population included all NGAO in Bungoma County. The sample size was determined by census sampling technique. The study used questionnaires which were self-administered to the respondents to collect specific information. Validity of research tools was ascertained through expert opinion while reliability ascertained by use of Cronbach's alpha. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used to analyse the data with the help of the statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). The findings will be presented in the frequency tables. Results of the study were: there was a statistically positive and significant effect of flexible work arrangement on employee job performance of NGAO in Bungoma County' {β= 0.876; R=0.464, beta=0.464, F(1,127)= 34.878, t=5.906, p=0.000}.The following were the recommendations of the study: NGAO in Bungoma County should consider and come up with flexible work arrangement policies where they are missing and be entrenched in their strategic plans and implemented to hasten its employee performance and that the working environment should be enhanced in additional to the prevailing WLB practices in the NGAO in Bungoma County, there would be an increase in employee performance.