Entrepreneurship Development in Plateau Central Senatorial Zone of Plateau State, Nigeria (2011-2017)


Goyin Longul Philemon
Micah Godiya
Obeta M Uchejeso


There have been calls in recent times from government at all levels, international organizations, non-governmental organizations and private individuals alike regarding Entrepreneurship Development in every nook and crannies of Nigeria, stemming from the inability of the government to successfully cater for the basic needs and welfare of its citizenry, hence the very essence of the need to develop entrepreneurship amongst the people so as to augment and supplement governments effort to make ends meet and support the government. This article therefore assesses Entrepreneurship Development in Plateau Central Senatorial Zone of Plateau State. The study covers the periods between 2011-2017, it adopted solely the use of secondary sources to gather the needed data for this research. The paper extensively reviewed literatures in the areas under study where qualitative content analysis was employed to analyze the data gathered. The study revealed that there is presence of entrepreneurial activities in the zone which are thriving. Some constraints impeding on the success of entrepreneurship in the Zone were also highlighted to include Infrastructural deficiencies, Inadequate working capital, Lack of entrepreneurial education amongst others. The paper proffered useful working recommendations gearing towards revamping and improving entrepreneurship development in the zone and the country at large.