The Differences between Abnormal Return N Trading Volume Activity Before N after the Application of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)


Said Djamaluddin
Gatot .
Aty Herawaty


ASEAN Econonic Community is the integrated ASEAN community to the free trading of ASEAN countries member. An economic event in Southeast Asia that has a steering point to the dynamics of capital market conditions where regional economic conditions are basically also a reflection of the stability of the economy of a country this research use paired sample t-test to test difference of AEC to abnormal return and trading volume (TVA) stock with sample of 30 companies moving in property from December 2015 until January 2016 where observation period used 14 days i.e. 7 days before and 7 days after the entry into force of the AEC. based on the results of data analysis found that the event of the entry into force of ASEAN economic Community (AEC) there is no significant difference to the abnormal return of developer companies and significantly different to the trading volume of stock neither.


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