Impact of System Security on the Successful Implementation of E-Procurement: A Survey of the Multinational Tea Companies in Kericho County, Kenya


Evalyne Chepkemoi


Security of an electronic system in has been one of the considerations in implementing any organization. This is one of the impending challenges in any organization to ensure information of retention. The electronic procurement is one of the current trend in many multinational corporation. The paper's objective assesses the impact of security on the successful implementation of e-procurement systems by multinational tea companies in Kericho County. Cross-sectional survey research was conducted targeting three multination companies with a sample of 63 respondents. Primary data using questionnaire were used were both descriptive and inferential statistics were used. According to data findings; the independent variable system security was found to have correlation coefficients of 0.409 with the implementation of e-procurement among the multinational tea companies involved in the study. Conclusions are that the lack of system security was found to be key impediment to the implementation of e-procurement. Recommendations are that full adoption and implementation is a necessity that can only be achieved through a collaborative effort among the key players specific field. It is necessary that the involved tea firms should look at a means of working together as a team and build systems that will allow easier e-procurement functionality.