Relevance of Emotional Intelligence and Educational Background on Performance - An Empirical Study in the B-Schools in Pune


Lalit Prasad
Priyanka Mishra
Deepti Mahato


There has been an increase interest in ‘emotional intelligence' within the Indian organization in the recent years. This increase has been attributed to the popularization of the construct of emotional intelligence in the research area. The promotion of emotional development in corporate organizations assumes that the ability to regulate emotions is a positive trait, which is associated with positive workplace performance. Various researches have already been done in the area of emotional intelligence in the context to different sectors. Educational background of a student plays an important role for the student pursuing management education. It is always a perception in the mind of the academia that engineering and science students do better in the MBA examination. Hence this study has been carried out to understand the relevance of educational background and emotional intelligence on results of students studying in B-schools of Pune.

The aim of the current study was to explore the relationship between emotional intelligence and educational background on the academic results of the students of B-Schools of Pune.