A Study on Receivables Management in Select Companies of Indian Steel Industry


Pinku Paul
Paroma Mitra Mukherjee


In recent years private and public organizations have experienced significant changes in both size and complexity. As significance, the management process has become more complex, requiring greater skills in planning, analysis, and control for developing core competencies. In this scenario firm's profitability is an important indicator for attractiveness. This profitability is determined partly by performance of its working capital management. An efficient of working capital management will yield an significant outcome and neglecting may result highly dangerous to any firm. The Steel industry is growing at a very high speed as per World Steel Organization (WSO). Three companies of Indian steel industry are selected as a sample to compare. The time period for the study is selected from 2006 to 2015 to analyze whether the companies really managed their receivables or not. The study used ratio analysis and ANOVA as tools to find out that the efficiency of receivables management during the study period. The study found out that the select companies of Steel Industry in India managed their receivables satisfactorily.