CSR Communication – A Study on Scale Development


M. Santhosh
R. Baral


The 21st century business has reached a paramount change by addressing the versatile demands of its stakeholders. From the notion that there are no obligations for the organizations to address common man needs, business are now extending their support towards various sections of the society in order to create impact on human lives. This clearly tells us the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in today's challenging environment. The need for and advantages of CSR communication is widely acknowledged.  CSR communication- the way in which organization communicates their CSR activities is one such feature that attracts many scholars. Hardly very few studies have looked at CSR communication. Despite the proven benefits of CSR communication, organizations fail to link it in CSR practices (Chaudhri& Wang, 2011).Thus, this paper aims to fill this gap by conducting an exploratory study to examine the various CSR practices and the mode of communication to internal as well as external stakeholders. The authors by using content analysis technique have explored various aspects of CSR communication in 26 companies' through snow ball sampling method.