Student Perspective on Blended Learning in Higher Education


Anil Kumar


Blended Learning is an integrated approach to teaching learning process where different learning environments like Face-to-Face (F2F), online, social networking etc. are mixed with a goal to provide the most efficient and effective instruction experience. This approach makes use of various advanced technology to provide training and development in management education. 

The purpose of this paper is to emphasize the need for blended learning using emerging technologies in the teaching-learning process in various management institutes in India.

A study using survey method is carried out in one of the premiere management institute of India to identify the student perspective of technology ownership, technology usage for teaching and learning, collaboration etc. The finding of this paper will provide directions for blended learning environment which can be used by management institutes to make decisions about the teaching and learning initiatives.

The paper also discusses the three major shifts in educational technology landscape that will make a large impact on teaching and learning in the years to come. They include use of social networks, growth of mobile devices and use of cloud based technologies.