Scope & Deployment of Small Cells in India


Ula Javed
Shirish Patel
Nilesh Tayade


 With 4G rolling out by Dec-2015 in India, Telco's will see a steep increase in the data consumption by subscribers. Small cells network will help Telco's and subscribers to overcome the connectivity and coverage issues and scale up the network element capabilities in transferring data and various services, with reduced deployment cost of network infrastructure. By 2019, the expected revenue growth of small cells is expected to be more than 130% to $8-15 bn.

The methodology adopted was conducting survey in an area near Pune with high call drops and bad QoS. Based on their responses, the report was analyzed to propose a solution of deploying small cells to improve connectivity and user experience in such geographies. Het-Nets will be able to solve the future requirements of increased capacity and higher data speed.

Operators will benefit from better value proposition, reduced churn rates, CapEx and OpEx requirements. Small cells will also help in deploying successfully various government projects.