Buzz Marketing-SWOT Analysis


N. V. Kavitha
N. Suma Reddy


Economic liberalization, Globalization and Information Technology paved way to bring out phenomenal changes in dynamic marketing world. The increased competition and sizzling issues encountered in area of advertising made internet as the most convenient and cost effective method of marketing. Currently the goal of most of the companies is to locate the right way of effective marketing communication with customers as such "Buzz Marketing" tool emerged as a popular viable adjunct to traditional marketing communication. "Buzz marketing" as a viral marketing technique attempts to create preference and demand among prospective customers via contagious talk about a brand, service, product or idea. The present paper focuses to explore the SWOT of "Buzz" on Red bull energy drink which made an impact on consumer buying decisions.

Buzz spreads like "wild fire". All you need is a good product and the rest will take care of itself which helps companies in building a successful buzz campaign. As technology continues to facilitate the delivery of an electronic buzz marketing message easier, some advertising experts predict that electronic buzz marketing techniques will become a standard component in all cross media advertising campaigns. Buzz marketing through Online Social Media (OSM), therefore is a delicate engagement for the futuristic marketers that, considering the influence and significance of the OSM users, can be successfully managed through intensive involvement with the very OSM that would be intervened into. Although Buzz approach may be effective in the short term, once consumers recognize its selling intent, the phenomena may have a boomerang effect.