Open Source Software for Academic Libraries-The Creative Librarian


Maya Carvalho e Rodrigues


The 21st century is called as knowledge era and librarians are the heart of this so called knowledge society. Today's libraries are facing the challenges of integrating the traditional and the emerging information paradigm. The current information environment unequivocally prompts libraries to leverage on the latest digital technologies towards building practical digital libraries and in setting up dynamic electronic information systems Digital library software, a comprehensive, open-source system for the construction and presentation of information collections. Collections built with Open Software Sources   offer effective full-text searching and metadata-based browsing facilities that are attractive and easy to use. Moreover, they are easily maintainable and can be augmented and rebuilt entirely automatically.  With many Open Source Software applications now available for library and information management, Organizations have a new option for acquiring and implementing systems, plus new opportunities for participating in OSS projects. While, there are several resources and tools available before us on the internet, choosing the right tool and the authentic resource becomes a herculean task. Libraries today face the unprecedented challenge of managing an array of content spread across a host of publication types and in a rapidly proliferating mix of formats. Software's now-a-days have become the life line of modern day organizations.