A Throttled Load Balancing for Cloud Infrastructure


Kashmira Jagtap
P. A. Jadhav
S. D. Joshi


Cloud computing is attraction-gaining technology now days because of its great functioning. Day by day, there is tremendous increase in utilization of cloud functions by various users' raises issues of workload management.  Work Load can be a many types like user's requests, processors work, and size of memory. Therefore, to manage such load to maintain stable system is necessary.  Due to its feature cloud achieve scalability but at the same time not able to maintain stability because of coming multiple requests in few seconds. Due to such scenarios nowadays, workload management for cloud is popular among researchers. In cloud request is not arrived in same pattern also, resources are not available in one place so to manage workload properly is quite problematic in cloud. So good workload management is necessary to maintain stability and improve user's satisfaction. In this paper, we focused on workload management concept. Here we are implementing a work load management architecture for cloud based on throttled method to solve issue of load management in cloud.