A new Approach to Capture Business Logic from UI with Automatic Code Generation and Database Creation


Sunil D. Rathod
S. D. Joshi


The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) based tools like .NET framework, Windows Builder, Net beans are popular for easier and comparably faster project development. These tools with the capabilities of Drag and Drop (DND) tool box help developer to design Graphical User Interface (GUI) or User Interface (UI) just with mouse. But, none of these utilities are capable of embedding "Business Logic” (BL) automatically in code. In routine development process it's really time consuming to do the repeated task of coding for same events. The vendor specific tools like Oracle Application Express (OAE) from ORACLE, VB .Net from Microsoft and some similar tools from IBM mainframe are used to design and develop the products for analysis and reporting purpose but these vendor specific tools strictly need the proprietary DB to develop the project. The OAE needs strictly ORACLE as a backend for its product development. Our tool - "Rapid Project Builder” (RPB) is aimed to avoid time consumed for coding the same business logic repeatedly. The tool will also perform Automatic Code Generation (ACG) in specific language like C++, Java, etc. The RBP helps developer to design the application's frontend GUI with DND along with the specification of form and fields. After adding control like add, delete, search or modify buttons to the application, RPB automatically embed code for the BL to these controls in language specified by developer. The automatic generation of DB tables is done with the help of specification given as the properties which are stored as XML semantics.