Banking or IT: The Greatest Contributor to Sustainability through GHRM


Ingrid Sylvia
Sujatha P


The services sector, with around 52 per cent contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2014-15, has made rapid strides in the past decade and a half to emerge as the largest and one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy. The services sector is not only the dominant sector in India's GDP, but has also attracted significant foreign investment flows, contributed significantly to exports as well as provided large-scale employment. As service sector transitioned the economy to a knowledge economy and will continue to see the vigorous growth which will further propel its expansion, a need was felt to analyze this robust service sector in contributing to the sustainability factor – that is the practice of green HRM(GHRM)  in the organization. With banking named as one of the oldest component of the Indian service sector which has contributed to the economic development and the IT being the most recent component this research aims at studying the various GHRM practices at the banking and IT sector. The research also analyzed and evaluates the contribution of these sectors toward sustainability through GHRM. Primary data from various employees of IT firms and Banks were collected across India with the intention of identifying the contribution of these sectors to the sustainability through GHRM.