ERP Solutions Acceptance in Different Business Environments


Samo Bobek
Sameer Rohadia
Simona Sternad


Experience with Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions in numerous organizations over the last decade indicates that successful implementation of ERP solutions does not necessarily lead to successful ERP usage. ERP systems benefit organizations only to the extent that users accept and utilize them frequently and extensively. To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of ERP systems in their maturity stage of use, organizations need to understand the factors that impact user satisfaction. Technology acceptance model (TAM) proposed by Davis (1989) has been widely used and it is proven that it can enhance understanding of the influences that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of ERP system use. Our research which is based on TAM, is focused in ERP acceptance from the viewpoint of ERP users and we studied additional external factors, which can influence users' acceptance of ERP system. After research conducted in EU same research have been recently conducted in Gujarat in India.