Culture as a Mediator between Resilience, Empathy and Commitment


Zuby Hasan


This study investigates the mediating impact of cultural orientations on the relationship between resilience, empathy and commitment. For this purpose data was collected from 206 IT managers based in New Delhi and NCR, India. Cultural orientations were measured by Individualism-Collectivism Assessment Inventory (ICAI) developed by Matsumato et al, Bharathiar University Resilience Scale (BURS) by Narayanan, empathy scale named as Interpersonal reactivity index (IRI) by Davis and Organizational Commitment Instrument devised by Balaji. Data analyses were performed using Hayes Process Mediation. Results revealed that cultural orientations as a whole mediate the relationship between resilience and commitment but failed to mediate the relationship between empathy and commitment. However, when individualistic and collectivistic orientations were taken separately as mediators, no mediation effect was found on the relationship between resilience and commitment and between empathy and commitment.