Generalized Modeling for Multiple Release of Two Dimensional Software Reliability Growth Model


A. K. Shrivastava
Ruchi Sharma


The amount of time spent on testing may not give a correct idea about the number of faults removed in the software.  applied to remove the fault is also an important aspect. Therefore there is need of combining these aspects for modeling of software reliability growth models. This problem is solved by considering two dimensional framework. But In the existing literature for two dimensional software reliability growth model it was assumed that there is immediate correction of the failure which is not true. There is always a time lag between detection and correction of faults. Therefore, a generalized framework for modeling multi release of two dimensional software reliability growth models is proposed in this paper.  A generalized approach using hazard rate function for developing the multi release models. Various continuous failure distributions are used to derive the models. The models developed are validated on real data set of tandem computers.