Immerging Digital Preservation Technology: It's Design, Initiatives and Challenges


P. Venkateshwar Rao


More and more information is being created in digital form.  This is done either through converting existing materials to digital form or increasingly boon digital.  There is no other format but digitize the original.  There are increasing expectations in all spheres of life.  The information we all need will be available on the Internet or at least in an off-line digital format, such as CD-ROM. Digital access has many advantages over paper based or microform access in terms of convenience and functionality.

The paper explores the perception of "Digital Preservation”.  It discusses about the need and importance of digital preservation in the modern world.  It also covers the various strategies of it. 

The paper reviews the design, standards of digital preservation and also examines the various instances on the process of digital preservation initiatives taken in this new generation of technology or digital era.