A study on Emotional Intelligence among Teaching Fraternity in Higher Educational Institutions


N. V. Kavitha
N. Suma Reddy
Pravalika .


India strives to compete in a globalized economy in areas that require highly trained professionals; the quality of higher education becomes increasingly important. At the same time the performance of higher education institutions has been less than satisfactory in terms of access, equity and quality. As such there is an urgent need to work for the development of the educational sector to meet the need of the emerging opportunities, increasing younger generation population and challenges of the 21st century. The present paper focuses on the role of emotional intelligence among teaching staff in higher educational institutions. And also tries to examine the impact/ role of emotional intelligence on teaching learning process. Scope of study had covered the important elements of the emotions faced by the lecturers in higher educational institutions. It is found that lecturers have to balance their emotions according to the situations faced in day to day working conditions and even have to balance both personal and professional life according to their goals and abilities.