A Study on Work from Home in the Indian Context


Ingrid Sylvia
D. Sujatha


Be it travelling through the overcrowded roads of the metropolitan cities which has become more of a hazardous part of every employees work schedules or being part of the family, which has become a dream for most of the employees in the IT sector, in today's world employees and employers first and last task of the day is travelling. Employers and employees are exhausted even before reaching their office, which makes them start their work with a tired note. The concept of work from home emerged as a solution to this as well as to the problem of maintaining good work life balance. As many organizations have allowed their employees to take the option of WFM some organizations are still in the dilemma as to will WFH increase or decrease productivity and some organizations have put a ban on work from home as face time is now seen as a crucial part of the work environment. This study enables us to understand the employee perception on work from home in the Indian IT sector and the analyses the job satisfaction and the performance levels of the employees adopting work from home. The study shows WFH leads to lesser satisfaction levels but increased performance level among the employees.