Mediation-Negotiation: A Template Therapy for Global Conflicts


Bello Adesina Temitayo


This article examines mediation and negotiation as a remedy to conflicts happening around the world. Based on the fact that human beings and conflicts are inseparable, it is imperative to seek out for methods in resolving these disputes without spilling blood. Mediation which alters the dynamics of negotiation has proven to be an important tool in resolving conflict at various fields. It involves a neutral third party working with the disputants to resolve their dispute by agreement rather than imposing his own decision on them. The article takes account of certain conflicts such as the Iraq-Iran conflict, Kuwait-Iraq invasion and the Nigerian-Cameroon border disputes and examined the interplay of mediation and negotiation in resolving such complex disputes. This article concludes that these Alternative Dispute Resolution processes should be utilized more often as it more advantageous coupled with the successive outcomes it guarantees.