Step out of the Box... A Training Module for Undergraduate Students


Aleesha Ahmad
Divya Jagadish
Mridula Murthy


The objective of this study is to see the effect of a training program, which will aim at facilitating the participants to see beyond academics. The training module includes divergent thinking activities and activities that help identify personal strengths of the participants with clarity. This study was conducted on first year engineering college students from an engineering college in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The methodology of the study is to assess the participant's training needs; through a survey based questionnaire. The workshop was conducted seeking to bridge the gap between academics and extra-curricular activities through activities, case studies and related videos to illustrate the theme specified above. After the competition of the workshop, the participants were given the same survey questionnaire for a post workshop analysis. A focused group discussion was also conducted. The results obtained from the pre and post workshop analysis were compared to know the effect of the workshop on the participants, and there is a significant difference between the post and pre survey results showing that there was a positive effect of the training on the participants.