Atomic Genetics and Origin of the Universe: Volume-6


V. M. Das


Mind , the inner most box of nature has not been investigated by modern physicists . Mind has not been  incorporated in Standard model. Mind can only be studied by participatory science. Having searched Basic building blocks of the universe i.e. mass part of reality (figure 1.1)  [9] , we have also investigated mind part of reality [8] and finally two fundamental particles with mind and mass realities  are hypothesized ( figure 1.2). Now we discuss how to further investigate mind so as to know their structures and functions. Atomic genetics is the branch of science where we investigate about fundamental interactions of the universe i.e. atomic transcription and translations . New words have been coined to understand hidden science of mind part of reality. Mind reality have been recognized as different faces by "I”  about 5000 years back  to Arjuna in Mahabharata. It is just like to understand any language through Alphabets. These are ( different faces )  Alphabets of mind reality. One Mind reality has one face identity and the second mind reality has second face identity and so on. The facial expression represents phenomenon of intelligence and different face represents different types of properties carrying  property. The open eyes means property is activated while close eye means property is inactivated. In spite of carrying properties conscious ness they also know how to conduct not only origin of universe but also how to create two different universe i.e. next creation could be different from this creation . In all, It is automatic system of the universe .   The mind realities which are  of good properties have devtas face identity ( first five faces on both side ) and those mind realities which are of bad properties have demons face identity ( last four faces on both side ) . These are named as code PCPs or messenger atomic genes . The central face is CCP  or Thought script  where all thoughts of the universe are banked . It is bank of data of all information s of the universe  It is face identity of Anti mind particles as data of all information's of the universe are stored as anti mind particles . It is the Time mind ness ( biological clock ) that keeps on expressing different  thoughts from this thought script (CCP) . There are four more faces  ( black bodies ) shown on extreme left and right floating in fire are CPs ( translating Atomic genes) . That translates the messages and realizes it and reacts accordingly . Rest pictures are creation of different individuals and nature (sun , moon and snake and other pictures made on hands and body ) by different thoughts of Almighty B.B.B. The entire picture has been explained in Geeta in  11/ 10 and 11 ( figure 1.3) .Whatever is being created in this universe is basically not by our thoughts rather it is the thought  of Almighty B.B.B ( Yang B.B.B or matter B.B.B. or Male B.B.B working as Highest center of the universe. ) that is dominated over creation and destruction of this cycle of the  universe. (  figure 1 )