Impact of Entrepreneurial Performance of Coir Yarn Spinners on their Entrepreneurial Objectives: An Assessment


S. Gnanasaranya


Entrepreneurs spinning coir yarn are small people; they have ventured into coir yarn spinning as an entrepreneurial activity with the sole objective of creating employment for theirselves as a means of livelihood security. With a view to ascertain whether the coir yarn spinners have fulfilled their objective through their enterprise or not, an empirical analysis has been taken up among coir yarn spinners is one of the regions of the coir clusters in Tamil Nadu (2011-12). The study finds that entrepreneurship on coir yarn spinning has created employment besides providing business profit. It is more explicit in rural areas than in urban areas. However entrepreneurs who perform well in inputs procurement, machine capacity utilization and quality control have created employment to a greater extent than others. Similarly the entrepreneurs who perform well in plant and machinery maintenance, manpower management, cost control management and very effective in crisis management have high perception of the profit earning potential of the coir yarn spinning enterprise. Yet majority of the entrepreneurs are ‘low performers' as far as performance of entrepreneurial managerial activities and also do have moderate perception of the profit earning potential of coir yarn spinning enterprises.