A Practical Approach to Perform Software Testing Using Equivalent Mutants


Simrandeep Kaur
Rupinder Singh


In software testing, different testings are found. Software Testing using mutants is called as mutation testing. The impact of software testing on software maintenance is problematic and is of great weightage. So the need for identification of mutants different operator is necessary and this process is called u-java testing. Various techniques are proposed, that are quite efficient in providing   and finding mutants in different viewer .The approaches mainly followed for clone detection are comparison based on text and token based approach. These techniques take a huge amount of time and the process of comparison is very tedious and expensive. Moreover tree based techniques are very complex. The present study addresses a proposed approach which can be applied as byte code  to reduce the complexity encountered with the previous techniques .Test sets are designed in order to run mutants and  analyse uses byte code to calculate killed mutants. The reason of using byte code is that it is platform independent and represents the unified structure of the code. So the proposed approach also detected semantic mutants up to some extent. This approach can be used independently and it can be combined with other approaches to detect mutants