Analysis of Resource Use in Yam Production in Ukum Local Government Area of Benue State, Nigeria


J. W. Zalkuwi
J. D. Moses
F. P. Tortange


The study examined the resource use in yam production in ukum Local Government area of Benue State, Nigeria. Data were collected from 100 farmers using purposive and simple random sampling with aid of structured schedule. Multiple regression analysis was used for analyzing the data. The result shows that the coefficient of seed, farm size and labor were positive and significant, while fertilizer and chemical were insignificant. Profit level can be increased by increasing the amount of farm size, labor and quantity of seed, and decreasing the use of fertilizer and chemical. The R2 was 0. 6516 which implies that 65.16% of the variation in output can be accounted by the input. It can be therefore, concluded that yam farmers in the study area inefficient in the use of productive resource. This has a far reaching implication for food security in the study area in particular and the country at large. So there is need for the farmers to adjust the levels of use of these resources to obtain optimal efficiency. This could be achieved through government assistance in term of provision of the necessary inputs needed by the farmers at the right time, quantities and at affordable prices.